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Welcome to Granny Anal. This is a site for dirty Grannies who love anal sex. If you are granny who loves anal or a man who fancies having sex with a granny up the arse this is the site for you. Sign up and create your free account now. It is simple and takes less than two minutes. Then you can start browsing though hundreds of other granny personals until you find a granny who you would love to have granny anal sex with. Sign up for free today!

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Hello my name is Michael, and I want to tell you a story about a member I met off this site called When I first signed up I didn't really know what to expect, in fact I was half expecting it to be a complete waste of time and energy, but I made my profile and waited to be proved wrong... 2 days later I checked my inbox and had 2 new messages. Both off older women who lives a few miles away from my address. I was shocked, at first I didn't believe it - I thought maybe they were fake members... so I messaged them both with a really short message, within the hour they had both go back. I couldn't believe I had actually joined a site that was exactly for my love of anal mature sex, and here I was talking to two dirty older grannies. They had both messaged me for different reasons, one had said we had matched up for enjoying the same bedroom interests when she preformed a search for members near her, the other had said she saw I was a new member here and wanted to check me out. Either way, here I was talking to two, hot and fucking kinky grannies. Within my first month on the site I met up with them both, and fucked them both in the ass. They both know about each other, which is cool, and are happy for me to see each individually, I might even try and get them to join me for a threesome, lol. I guess the great thing is here, I came in with very little expectations when I joined this site, and now to see what I have done in just 2 months is crazy. I take my hat off to, and the rest of my clothes! I hope I can keep meeting more members who want to let me destroy their old ass with my stiff cock.


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Anal sex is one of the most extreme sexual acts known to man. It is not extreme in its nature but rather in the emotions and sentiments it draws. There are those who absolutely love anal, while the other group loathes it with a great passion. Most men happen to be in love with ass fucking while the opposing group mostly comprises of women. However, the people who love ass fucking the most also happen to be women! These are anal sluts who have come to appreciate the intense sensations of taking it up the shitter! This granny is an anal sex loving slut who enjoys a stiff cock thrusting in her ass! Women with greater sexual experience tend to be more accommodating of anal. This therefore means that you have a better chance of ass fucking a granny as compared to younger women. If you are still looking for an opportunity to enjoy your first anal sex experience, you should consider trying to date a granny who will very likely let you into her tight rear!

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Going through granny dating sites is always a pleasant experience. Especially since it gives me the chance to look at pictures of dirty local grannies who have registered there in search of cock! They like to insist that they are there looking for a companion but we all know that their ultimate goal is to get a fuck mate. My last visit to one of these sites left me shocked and supper horny after finding a couple who were looking for a stud to butt fuck both of them. The 58 year old man and his 53 year old wife are looking for a man in his thirties to meet up for a serious butt fuck. I even saved their profile photo which is shows the guy going down on his wife while she sips on some drink. Clearly he's a cuck and that explains his wanting a butt fuck. If you would like to butt fuck this couple, please visit and get in touch with them. I am not sure about butt fucking the dude but I wouldn't mind having a go at his hot wife. Unfortunately they insist on getting buggered together by the same guy so I guess I am out of luck here. If you feel you are up to the task, visit the granny anal site and get in touch with this horny couple.

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A lot of guys keep dreaming of enjoying some hot granny anal sex just once in their lives. However, few ever get to realize this dream since they are very insensitive when it comes to sex. If  woman cannot trust you to take care of her, she will be very reluctant in  going beyond the routine sex regiment of giving you her pussy with an occasional blow job and hand-job. However, if you were to be a more sensitive lover, you'd be surprised at how far grannies will be willing to stretch themselves so as to accommodate you in their asses. Being a gentleman in the bedroom will deliver so much pleasure for you and the dirty older woman you are shagging. It is in fact the easiest and most effective way of getting your woman to try more extreme sex. If you ensure that sex is good for her, she is very likely going to reciprocate and make it good for you. Giving you her ass will be easier since she knows she can trust you to take care of her. Be a gentleman to your granny lover when in the bedroom and will easily agree to giving you some hot granny anal that you wont forget any time soon. Willingly opening her granny ass to a caring and sensitive lover!    

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Awesome Granny Anal Dogging Having had a good number of dogging adventures, I always thought that nothing could be better than sawing in and out of a huge granny ass as she squeals and moans from the fucking I was giving her. That was until one of the slutty grannies I have been sodomizing asked to have her husband join us for our next dogging session. At first I thought it would be weird and that her husband might get jealous and interfere. However, her confession that he always watched us fuck made her request a lot easier to accommodate. While I always enjoyed every dogging session especially when I got to plough her ass, knowing that her husband was watching us made it super thrilling.   The tight granny asshole that I left gaping! I have never cum so fast fucking a granny ass. I never thought it possible, but having a husband watch me fuck his granny slut in the ass is now my dogging addiction. Thanks to that old whore I’m getting my fix of granny ass every week. If you’re into granny ass and dogging like me, you should check out and see if you just might be as lucky as I have been!