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Welcome to Granny Anal. This is a site for dirty Grannies who love anal sex. If you are granny who loves anal or a man who fancies having sex with a granny up the arse this is the site for you. Sign up and create your free account now. It is simple and takes less than two minutes. Then you can start browsing though hundreds of other granny personals until you find a granny who you would love to have granny anal sex with. Sign up for free today!

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When it comes to anal sex, every man who has ever experienced it will know that mature women are the best butt fuck! Why is that? Well it's pretty simple, years of experience! Fucking an older lady in the ass comes with a whole host of benefits. The biggest one being that fucking any dirty mature is a massive turn on! Thank fully there are lots of websites available for you to meet your own older members online, and then meet them for no-strings casual sex. To help get the party started we want to introduce you to some of our favourite members from our granny-anal dating site here in the UK... Meet Tabitha, she is a 55 year old dirty mature woman who really loves having anal sex, especially with members she meets from this site. Until she found a site like ours, her sex life was pretty boring and timid. Now she can be completely wild, and regularly meets for sex every night of the week. Her favourite sexual position is obviously anal! Here is Lucy, she is from Wrexham and loves men fucking her in every hole. In her words, 'every hole is a goal' and she really does mean that! You can find Lucy in bed with several different men a week, but her favourite time to meet for casual sex is on the weekend. During this time she has been known to house hop from fuck-buddy to the next. The most anal sex she says she has ever had in a week was with 12 different guys. After that, her ass never fully recovered so she says. if you like the look of Lucy, and want to see more of her hot anal pics, or want to message her and show your interest the fastest, and quickest way, sis by joining our dating site right now!  

One in the Bum, no harm Done

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I've always been a big fan of the saying, one in the bum no harm done. It's because anal has always been my favourite type of bedroom sex. I don't know why, but I just can't get enough of it, especially with a dirty older woman! Every time I see a horny gran bend over in front of me and drop her silky little panties, down, to around her ankles, my dick fills with blood and like a bull I'm ready to charge head first (my dick) into that old, tight little asshole. My first older anal experience happened when I met Sylvia, a long term member from this site. I had only been signed up for free for a couple of weeks. I was getting to know my way around the site, contacting other members who took my fancy - whilst at the same time being contacted by them. Things were looking good, I had been sent a lot of photos and videos from grans who loved teasing me by shoving all manner of instruments up their tight little goldmines. I clearly remember this one old slut who sent me a video of a lubed up banana sliding in and out between her cheeks. The excitement and ecstasy on her face was almost too much to handle, I wanted to meet her. The problem was after looking at her profile I could see she was all the way up in Glasgow, and being a resident here in Brighton, unless I was prepared to fly to Scotland there was no way we could ever physically be in the same room. The other problem was that she spent 90% of her day strapped into a wheelchair. So unless she was prepared to be towed down the M5, I thought this encounter was best left saved for my imagination. It was about this time that Sylvia messaged me. Completely out the blue it was. I logged in one day to find a message from her saying that she liked the looked of my profile and noted that we were within a 5 mile radius to each other. I always think it's brilliant that this site displays that type of information. The amount of other shitty dating site's I  have tried where you don't know how far the person you want to chat to is from you. It really drives me mad! Anyway, thankfully Sylvia was within close proximity to me. It wasn't long before we were, and are meeting up on a regular basis. Like me she doesn't want anything too serious, and I'm pretty sure she has a few other partners that she meets up with. But as long as she remains clean, and allows me to fulfil all my anal pleasures then I'm not going to complain!

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Are you looking for a free anal dating website? Want a place where you can look at unlimited photos of mature women having cocks stuffed in their tight little asses? Want a site where you can watch hours and hours of granny anal sex video content? Well then get yourself comfy, because you have just found it at and we wan't to share you a story from one of our long time members, Joy, and how she got into using this very site. I'll be honest, at 62, technology is not one of  my strengths. I've never been able to get to grips with it, just learning to turn the computer on took me almost 2 weeks! However after my granddaughter set me up online, I couldn't tear myself away. I was glued to what was available to look at, read and engage with on the internet. It was then one day I ended up, by accident (I bet you hear that all the time) an advert for what I thought was going to be a porn site... instead it took me here, to - a community site that was specifically aimed at men looking to meet older women, like myself, for free anal fun and play.,.. Well needless to say curiosity got the better of me and I signed myself up in a jiffy. I was prompted to start using the site and getting the most out of the service straight away, so I looked up how to use my webcam, pointed it at my naked ass and shoved all manner of toys and fruits deep inside. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP went the webcam iris...without even realising I had taken over 700 photos of my naked body, and been up for 14 hours straight, which for someone of my age is a record in itself! I'm a regular user of this free anal dating site, and would highly recommend it to anyone else that likes the idea of naked grannies who are into a bit of bum fun. Since signing up I have never felt more sexy or hornier, I am now having the best sex of my life, and my only regret is not finding something like this earlier!

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If you're favourite type of sex is anal sex then you have just landed on the right site! But if you're type of perfect anal sex with an older granny - Then you best not go anywhere, because we have it all here for you! Our anal dating site and community photo upload page is perfect for anyone who has a fetish for sticking their cock in an old, aged ass. We have millions of members that use our site everyday, from young horny guys, right up to mature, experienced grannies that know what they want, and how they want it! We are talking women that are gagging to be satisfied by some younger, horny stud and his big cock. These women are screaming to be fucked in the ass, and want you to pound away at it, hard and fast. So exactly how does a website like this work? Well it's pretty simple, as the name suggests this is a UK Granny Anal Dating site, how is it different to any other dating site? Well, it's specifically targeting members with a fetish for anal play, and who like their women to be of a certain age and experience. So if you have ever fantasied about poking your throbbing rod into the back-door of an old, saggy ass then you'll have no problems with joining this cheeky little dating site. It all starts by spending 30 seconds creating your free anal dating profile. Once you have done this, you'll be free to search, browse, view and message as many anal loving grannies as you could ever possibly want! When you come across a member who really takes your fancy, and you like her pics or videos, it's time to send her a message to see if she want's to meet up. To do this simply click the send a message button, or if she is online at the same time as you, request that she joins you in a 1-2-1 chat. Sign up for free today and see how much uk granny anal sex you could be having!

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Hello my name is Michael, and I want to tell you a story about a member I met off this site called When I first signed up I didn't really know what to expect, in fact I was half expecting it to be a complete waste of time and energy, but I made my profile and waited to be proved wrong... 2 days later I checked my inbox and had 2 new messages. Both off older women who lives a few miles away from my address. I was shocked, at first I didn't believe it - I thought maybe they were fake members... so I messaged them both with a really short message, within the hour they had both go back. I couldn't believe I had actually joined a site that was exactly for my love of anal mature sex, and here I was talking to two dirty older grannies. They had both messaged me for different reasons, one had said we had matched up for enjoying the same bedroom interests when she preformed a search for members near her, the other had said she saw I was a new member here and wanted to check me out. Either way, here I was talking to two, hot and fucking kinky grannies. Within my first month on the site I met up with them both, and fucked them both in the ass. They both know about each other, which is cool, and are happy for me to see each individually, I might even try and get them to join me for a threesome, lol. I guess the great thing is here, I came in with very little expectations when I joined this site, and now to see what I have done in just 2 months is crazy. I take my hat off to, and the rest of my clothes! I hope I can keep meeting more members who want to let me destroy their old ass with my stiff cock.